Direct Pay Profit is Passive income system for newbies

Posted By Sekilas Informasi on Sunday, March 13, 2011 | 7:28 PM

Direct Pay Profit pays you $20 every month for each member you refer for as long as they remain a member. If you refer 25 people, you will receive $500 every month for life!

PLUS, you get an automatic $100 performance bonus for every 10 active members you refer! For example, if you refer just 10 active members per month for the next six months, you'll make $4,700!

Of course, you may not make that much or you could make a whole lot more. You can easily earn a passive income for work you do once and receive ongoing cash for that effort forever.

"How do we get paid?"
You earn $20 per month for each customer plus $100 one-time performance bonus for each 10 Active members you refer. That's 100% of our up-front sales!

You'll receive a PayPal payment every Friday for all commissions owed. There is a $50 minimum payout. But there is NO HOLDING period. If you make sales on Thursday, you get paid on Friday

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