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Posted By Sekilas Informasi on Tuesday, March 8, 2011 | 10:42 PM

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How it work
Build 25 unique backlinks to your site now, please follow these few steps:

  • Click Download Our Firefox Plugin / Submit to Sites
  • Enter the details required for the submission (url, titles, descriptions, tags and categories) and click ‘Submit’ OR
  • Download our Firefox Plugin (Highly Recommended) – The plugin auto-populates some of the details from the page, so it will only take you a few seconds to submit your page! Make sure you give it a try because it's a real time saver!
How to Upgrade Your Account
Upgrade your account to Premium to build 100 backlinks to your pages 3 TIMES every day instead of 25 once every day!

To get a Premium Account, you can either refer 12 persons to SocialMonkee (you can see how many referrals you have so far in the header) or click Upgrade to Premium and proceed to the purchase page.

You can upgrade your account for a very low investment of $47 ONE TIME... which means WE pay YOU $3.9 every time you refer a member to SocialMonkee! Promote SocialMonkee now and get yourself a FREE Premium Account today!

As a Premium Member you also have access to link reports and RSS feeds, so you can keep a record of all the backlinks you have created with SocialMonkee. For more information, please click Upgrade to Premium.

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